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New Window Installation in Cleveland From Zen Windows

Zen Windows is the favorite window installation company in Cleveland with a robust selection of energy-saving windows to suit any style and the service to make installing windows an enjoyable experience rather than a hassle. New window installation is an important investment in terms of the comfort and value of your home. Still, it’s beneficial to understand all the specs and characteristics available to make sure you maximize your ROI.

Every part of a window should work in your favor. The glass and the material of the frame and how a window operates play an important role in their performance over the next several decades. We’ll go over that information with you and encourage you to work with Zen Windows as the window installation company in Cleveland that provides homeowners with the most value.

Will Installing New Windows Enhance Your Real Estate Value?

Installing new windows has one of the best returns on investment in terms of home improvement projects. Homeowners in Cleveland recover up to 70-85% of what they spend to get their windows installed when they resell their homes. That means if you have $1,000 worth of costs for your new residential window installations, the property value can increase as much as $850. But the overall value grows exponentially when you factor in added energy savings.

Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners today, and homebuyers are willing to pay more if you install new windows that provide it. Energy-efficient windows allow you to regulate regulate inside temperature by insulating the interior of your home from the outdoor temperature. A durable seal will reduce the need to run heating and cooling systems, substantially minimizing your monthly energy bills and literally enabling the window installation to pay for itself in the long run.

What Are Energy-Saving Windows?

All homeowners in Cleveland should be interested in optimizing their energy efficiency. The benefits include increasing your home’s value, lowering your monthly energy consumption, reducing stress and overuse of your HVAC system, and bettering your family’s comfort. With a window installation company like Zen Windows in Cleveland, you’ll also be get to beautify your home with the many styles of energy-efficient windows we offer.

Some general factors make a window energy efficient: the style of window (single-hung, double-hung, etc.), the material it’s constructed from, and the glass. It’s also necessary to have a qualified window installation company handle putting them into your home, as a snug fit is needed to create the right seal. Zen Windows in Cleveland lets you customize your windows with several types of glass for the energy efficiency of your home:

  • Double-pane glass provides double the insulation of traditional single-pane windows. Double-pane windows create an air pocket between the glass that increases energy efficiency.
  • Triple-pane glass takes insulation a step further than double-page windows. With two pockets of air, heat transfer is minimized considerably between the exterior and interior of your home. With triple-pane windows, you’ll see considerable improvements in various weather.
  • The gaps between double-pane or triple-pane windows can be filled with argon or krypton gas. The thickness of these gasses diminishes heat transfer more than air alone.
  • Low-E glass coatings are an excellent feature for enhancing the energy efficiency of your windows and getting the greatest value from your window installation project. Glass with Low-E coating blocks harsh UV rays and the sun’s heat, keeping your interior spaces cooler without relying so much on your HVAC system. It can also work vice versa depending on how the coating is applied, so your home stays warm by keeping the heat from seeping out.
  • Warm-edge spacers on energy-saving windows are used in place of metal in the frames. Metal isn't considered energy efficient because it loses heat too easily.
  • Double-strength glass has a thickness of 3.2 mm compared to the standard 2.5 mm. Thicker glass is not too costly and provides better insulation and strength.

Window Materials And Styles

The materials most commonly used to build modern windows include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Vinyl has become very popular over the years to secure a share of the market equal to that of traditional wood windows. Zen Windows in Cleveland encourages homeowners to install new windows made with vinyl since they are superior to wood and aluminum in energy efficiency and a much better value overall.

Vinyl windows have extra longevity and a comparable lifespan to wood at 15-20 years or more. Unlike wood, vinyl will not decay, warp, or contract as much from the weather. The longevity and minimal upkeep of vinyl enhance its energy efficiency. Although vinyl will not last as long as aluminum (30+ years), aluminum transfers heat easily and has less energy efficiency. Only fiberglass will perform better than vinyl windows, but it's not enough to justify its inflated price tag (typically 30%+ more expensive).

An additional factor to think about is the style of the windows. Zen Windows in Cleveland has an extensive selection of window styles to pick from, such as:

  • Awning
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Picture/Shape
  • Bow/Bay
  • Slider
  • Casement

Varying frame constructions will give unique design to your home. Each functions differently for your needs and will give varying degrees of energy efficiency. For example, casement windows crank open like a door, offering the most ventilation to air out a room much faster than the single-hung kind.

Reach Out to Us for New Window Installations

If you’re in the market for residential windows, allow our professional installers to manage the job. Just contact us on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to go over the details of your project. We’re familiar with all kinds of windows and the benefits they each have to offer your home. If you’re ready to start, we’ll go to your home to measure your windows precisely and complete the installation. The window products in our inventory are available at different prices to meet the unique needs of our customers in Cleveland. Enjoy the process of buying windows and speak with us about the project you’re envisioning to have all your questions answered before making your decision. You may also contact your nearest Zen Windows location to get an accurate quote before getting started.